Corporate Experience

Developing and telling stories.

We make brands and products come to life – by going back to the beginning. By telling their stories. From that starting point, communicating your brand then happens on many levels. In the best case scenario, all of the senses would be integrated into the brand experience. The key thing here is to translate the

brand’s values into the respective medium correctly.
To ensure that even the underlying goals are met, we support processes until they’re up and running. We train employees, brief engineers – in short, we ensure that the measures will have the smoothest possible integration and implementation.

– Brand Development
– Corporate Identity
– Innovation Development
– Communication Strategy
– Workshops
– Design Benchmarkings
– Corporate Design
– Corporate Language

– Online- and Print Design, Web Development
– Exhibitions, Shops and Trade Fair Stands

– Logo and Signet Design
– Scent Orchestration and Product Scent

– Attendance of Innovation Processes
– Internal Communication of Design Processes

– Project Coordination
– Attendance of Technical Implementation